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Communication is a crucial part of our daily work and lives.

We have the tendency to focus on 'what' we say, while we neglect 'how' to bring our message across. Science has proven however that more than 60% of our communication is transmitted nonverbally.

The importance of mastering your body language is often underestimated by professionals.  Effective body language strengthens people skills, emotional intelligence, relationships, charisma, impact and influence on others.

Are you aware of the enormous impact of your nonverbal communication on your live, work and success? Do you realize that nonverbal skills determine your reputation, turnover and customer service? And that you have the potential to become the most memorable person in the room? Even without saying one word? 


Through our science-based courses and coachings you will gain insight in your own nonverbal behavior and you'll learn how to read the body language of your stakeholders. We train groups and individuals on how to use their body language to stand out, win trust and gain credibility every time they communicate. You will dispose of all the essential nonverbal tools needed to perform on a higher level.