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For thought leaders, public figures, business leaders, policy makers, academics,

spokespersons, entrepreneurs and anyone who sometimes records a video message

We live more than ever in a world where authenticity is considered the highest good. We all know people who are brilliant, but often we see their X-factor melt like snow in the sun, when such a person is placed in front of a camera (or in front of a large audience). Even worse: the message gets completely lost.

Often a person's words are not consistent with his nonverbal behavior. To come across as authentic, congruency between words and body language is crucial. 

Did you know that the most charismatic leaders seek the help of body language experts to shine in delivering a video message? On the screen, the nonverbal signals are stronger than the spoken word. It is not 'what' you say, but 'how' you say it.

Use your nonverbal "super powers" to create a video message that conveys charisma, intelligence, and dedication.

How do you prepare yourself? How do you make an unforgettable 1st impression? How do you enhance your appearance? How do you increase your charisma and come across more confident? 

Via 1-on-1 coaching or a tailor-made workshop, we provide you with a nonverbal toolset which will help you to make a strong connection with your audience.


Camera Training


At the kickoff of the Bryo program for starting entrepreneurs, we received Eva for her unique workshop 'Camera Training 2.0'.

Eva guides her audience in a clear, professional and very personal way. Eva clearly has a genuine passion for non-verbal communication. She helped participants with extra tips and personal advice, also after the workshop. I look forward to the next collaboration!

Mathias Teuwen, Bryo Coordinator for Starters at Voka Mechelen-Kempen

I would like to sincerely thank you for your support, coaching, advice pieces, encouragement, patience, questions preparation and good mood during the video shooting of this afternoon ... this could not have happened without you! It was a 'première' for me and you really managed to get me comfortable and to make me believe I could do it. This 'unknown' thing of being filmed has turned into a rather funny thing and this thanks to you.

HR Manager BeNeLux, IBM



You may have a good message, but what happens if you are unable to communicate this message powerfully?


Whether you speak for a large group, participate in a strategic meeting or pitch a potential new client, your body language is decisive for your business success. For example, your nonverbal behavior can make the difference between winning or missing an important deal.

How do you usually prepare for a presentation or an important meeting? Do you mainly focus on the structure of the content, a clear story and convincing arguments? Do you make powerpoint slides and practice your presentation several times beforehand so that you can dream every word of your message? ... Then you forget a crucial aspect ...

We are so focused on 'what' we say, but we often ignore 'how' to deliver a message. However, science states that more than 60% of our communication is transmitted non-verbally and that nonverbal signals are 12 to 13 times more powerful than words.

We don't realize that our nonverbal signals and habits are decisive for a good first impression and a strong connections with others. 

We will teach you everything you need to know about unconscious nonverbal processes. You will develop nonverbal skills for more impact and greater business success.

This coaching / training is aimed at anyone who wants to speak with more impact, regardless of the circumstances and the size of the audience. Any professional who occasionally pitches a potential customer, takes part in strategic meetings or gives a presentation to an audience will benefit from learning these nonverbal skills. It doesn't matter whether you are addressing a large group or just one single person.


Prior knowledge is not required.