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Body language is the Achilles heel for many professionals. Effective body language strengthens people skills, emotional intelligence, relationships, charisma, impact and influence on others.  

Most professionals are not aware of the enormous impact of nonverbal communcation on their lives, work and success. 

We train groups on how to use their body language to stand out, win trust and gain credibility every time they communicate.


In our masterclasses we teach professionals all essential nonverbal tools needed to perform on a higher level. Attendees can gain insight in their own nonverbal behavior, as well as in the body language of their clients, colleagues and stakeholders. The professional will learn how to communicate with more impact, how to achieve better results through nonverbal strategies (in conversations, negatiations, ...) and how to become more influential.

Different formulas are possible. Each training of Human Frequency is tailor made and built around the goals of attendees and organisation. 

Frequently requested topics:

  • Nonverbal Communication. The Key to Success No One Talks About.

  • Nonverbal Communication for Leaders - How Body Language can help or undermine how you lead. 

  • Present with Charisma - Crack the nonverbal code of public speaking (read more

  • You are on Camera - Camera training 2.0 (read more)

  • Powerful Body Language for Women with Ambition - Tips which can help you to be heard, to be seen and to be paid.

  • Virtual Meetings: nonverbal tips for More Impact

  • Nonverbal Secrets for Successful Networking

  • Read your candidate like a book. What recruiters should know about body language. 

  • Human Lie Detection in Business - The truth about lies in the workplace.

  • What you should know about body language in International Business (Intercultural Communication in Global Business)