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Eva Vissers is manager of Human Frequency and is passionate about the power of non-verbal communication. She sees it as her mission to prove to professionals that non-verbal communication is indispensable for those who want to make a difference in a world full of high performance.

As a senior manager with a legal background, she led a team of 200+ highly trained employees for 10+ years. Through education, training and experience, she specialized in body language and non-verbal strategy analysis.

Today she is part of a worldwide network of non-verbal experts. She was the first and only in Belgium to be certified by Science of People, a renowned Human Behavior Research Lab in the US.


Through workshops, keynotes, training courses and executive one-on-ones, she helps companies and individuals achieve their goals by fine-tuning their non-verbal skills. Hereby she connects the science of non-verbal communication with her knowledge of leadership. For more information about the services we provide, contact us today.


I had the pleasure to work together with Eva when she was presenting a keynote speech on Body Language at our Management Assistant Study Day of 7 May 2019. The 100+ attendees spoke very highly about the content and Eva's serene but yet confident approach. I was also impressed myself: she had prepared her session to the perfection and her approach before and after the session were very professional. She's very passionate about her expertise, this shows in all of her actions. In short, an excelling professional to work with! 

—  Vannessa Van Edwards, Behavioral Investigator & Author, at the Science of People

'Human Frequency', founded by Eva Vissers, works in proud partnership with 'Beyond Expression' of Ted Toussaint.

Behavioral scientist Ted Toussaint is based in Chamonix and is also a certified body language trainer from the Science of People (Portland, Oregon).

Ted is fascinated by human behavior, especially the way people connect with each other. In her international work as a researcher and lecturer, she has specialized in the field of non-verbal communication and rapport building. It intrigues her that the world is becoming more sophisticated, while much of our behavior can still be traced from an evolutionary perspective. She wants to contribute to a world where we better understand each other, at work, at home and in our relationships. Providing people with the knowledge and skills of nonverbal communication is the key to this success.

Eva and Ted maintain close relationships with the Human Behavior Research lab, and other international trainers within this organization. This provides them with the most up-to-date knowledge of nonverbal communication and they are thrilled to share this with you!