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Intriguing and inspiring! The members of the Rotary Club Wetteren were impressed by Eva's presentation on nonverbal communication. Form and content of her presentation were of the highest quality. Furthermore Eva clearly possesses the skill to captivate her audience from start to finish. Really highly recommended! With pleasure I quote some reactions of the attendees: "impressed by Eva's professionalism and appearance" and "one of the best performances of the past few years!".

                                                                               Wouter Van den Berghe, Research Director at VIAS Institute


Each keynote presentation of Human Frequency is:

Action oriented

Tailored to the target group

Intertaining en interactive

Firmly based on the most recent ad most applied science 

Presentation of 45 min - 60 min - 90 min

In English or in Dutch



Frequently requested topics:

Nonverbal Communication. The Key to Success No One Talks About.


Crack the nonverbal code of Public Speaking

Nonverbal empowerment tips for Top Women

Nonverbal secrets for Succesful Networking

The importance of the first impression on social media. What do your profile pictures and videos on social media reveal about you?  

The Science of Nonverbal Communication. How do you become a Human Magnet? 

Enhance your Appearance


I had the pleasure to work together with Eva when she was presenting a keynote speech on Body Language at our Management Assistant Study Day of 7 May 2019. The 100+ attendees spoke very highly about the content and Eva's serene but yet confident approach. I was also impressed myself: she had prepared her session to the perfection and her approach before and after the session were very professional. She's very passonate about her expertise, this shows in all of her actions. In short, an excelling professional to work with! 

                                                                               Elke De Wit, Productmanager at Kluwer Training