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Mastery of body language is often the missing ingredient in many of us, be it in a professional or private context. The right body language strengthens people skills, emotional intelligence, relationships, charisma, impact and influence on others.

Effective coaching is always tailor-made. Your personal goals are our priority. That is why we start a coaching process with an intake interview in which we discuss your personal goals. The coaching takes place in a safe environment and consists of a mix of theory and practice. You will receive a personal workbook that we use as the basis for the coaching process.


We are proud of our excellent customer service and are happy to work with you. Let us know today what we can do for you.


Frequently requested coaching goals:

  • Learn to speak and present better

  • Make an impression on customers, clients or potential employers

  • Awareness of your own body language and how it affects others

  • Use your own body language in function of your profession / your goals

  • Learn to interpret the body language of others correctly (your customers, your boss, your colleagues, your partner, ...)

  • Feel and radiate confidence

  • Perfect your elevator pitch

Every coaching from Human Frequency is:

  • Unique and tailored to your objectives

  • Focused on lasting skills (Practice until completion)

  • One-on-one

  • Face to face or virtual

  • In a safe and confidential environment

  • Summarized in a personal workbook that offers you guidance during and after coaching

  • In Dutch or in English