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Effective coaching is always tailor made. Your personal goals are our priority.  

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In the near future you can enrole in our 2-days Nonverbal Communication Course.


You will learn how to read the body language of others and you'll discover how to align your own body language with your goals and the goals of your interlocutors in an authentic way. 

We guarantee that this training will open a new world for you. Are you ready?  


By 2021 video content will take up 82% of the total internet trafic. Progressive companies anticipated this evolution and invested heavily in video content over the past few years. Also a growing number of professionals present themselves on camera to build more trust and better rapport with their clients. 

But how do you bring your message across in front of the camera in a clear and effective manner? Do you succeed to connect authentically with your viewing audience?  

Human Frequency teaches you a nonverbal toolset which you can use to make an in-depth connection with your audience.